Friday, July 22, 2011

Affogato al Caffe...the perfect summer treat!

If you love coffee and ice cream this treat is for you. "Affogato" means "drowned" in italian and basically that's what you are doing to the ice cream, drowning it with coffee...and yes it's as delicious as it sounds! The variations on this popular italian cafe treat are truly endless. Try it with your favourite ice cream flavour (vanilla, chocolate,etc) or change it up with a different liqueur (nutty flavoured ones are great). Create your very own "affogato"...anything is my version...enjoy!

2 scoops mocha almond fudge flavoured ice cream
1 tbsp Starbucks coffee liqueur
about 1 tsp Nutella
1 shot freshly brewed hot espresso coffee


-place two scoops ice cream in a glass mug
-pour coffee liqueur over top
-drizzle with nutella
-pour hot coffee over ice cream and serve with a spoon

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